Members and Services

Members and services

Application materials for the membership

1. A photocopy of business registration certificate.
2. Market Access Agreement (Including attachments: Risk Specification for Iron Ore Spot Trading, Letter of Commitment for Market Access by Trading Members of Iron Ore Spot Trading).
3. And any other relevant documents required by COREX.
Note: The above materials should be signed by authorized representative and the business registration certificate should be within the validity period.

What is the trading time?

Trading time is from 09:00 to 21:00 Beijing time on every trading day, and trading days are Monday to Friday and other working days as specified by the state, except Ore Supermarket.
Trading time of Ore Supermarket is from 09:00 to 21:00 Beijing time on every trading day. Trading days of Ore Supermarket are working days as specified by the state.

What is the trading service fee?

RMB 0.3/WMT or USD 0.05/WMT.

What is the annual membership fee?

Annual membership fee is CNY 30,000/year or USD 5,000/year for a trading member and information member.

How many seats does a member have?

A trading member has five seats, including two trading seats and three observing seats respectively.
An information member has three observing seats.

What is the seat fee?

When a trading member or information member apply for additional seat, a fee of CNY 10,000/year/seat or USD1,500/year/seat shall be charged.

What is the website address of trading system?

How to reset the password?

In case that the password is lost, leaked, stolen or other circumstances threaten the trading security, Members shall contact COREX to reset the password.