The constant changes in the bulk commodity market, the leap-forward development of e-commerce, China’s ever-growing demand for international resources and the resulting issues of raw material security…At the significant moment of integration and transformation, Beijing Iron Ore Trading Center Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “COREX”) emerges in due time.
Since its inception, COREX always unites tremendous strength of Chinese and foreign shareholders, gives full play to the wisdom and ability of all employees, integrates high-quality industry-wide resources, cherishes original ambition, takes the initiative to pioneer, compiles and releases Iron Ore Index, launches business section of “Ore Supermarket”, makes mobile terminal of trading system go live, innovates electronic tendering mode, explores for non-standard warehouse receipt business...Innovation facilitates developments by leaps and bounds. Scale of platform transactions has expanded year by year. The number of members has continued to increase. Industry influence of COREX has continued to elevate. The status of COREX as the world’s largest iron ore spot trading platform has been increasingly consolidated.
In the future, COREX will adhere to the development direction of marketization, standardization and internationalization, pay equal emphasis on business development and compliance management, continuously improve and exert the two major functions of commodity circulation and price discovery, promote the establishment of a scientific and reasonable commodity pricing mechanism, and make outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of the global iron ore industry and steel industry!